Celebrities Dating Short Guys - celebrities dating short guys Celebrities Dating Short Guys - celebrities dating short guys

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Splash News Yup, your favorite couple has a height disparity — while in heels, at least. There are times, however, when I want to be in comfy clothing when snuggling up to my man. Most men, specifically Latinosare under 5 foot 6.

Splash News Cameron Diaz has always been known for her height 5'9"but it didn't stop her from marrying Good Charlotte frontman Benji Madden 5'6".

Splash News These people are so genetically blessed, it's easy to see why something as insignificant as "height" never crossed their minds.

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He doesn't have to pick you up and keep you there the entire time. You will be his Queen.

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CDC identifies 5'9" as "average"; "Tall" is 6'1" and above. Taller women also tend to be more conscious of their own height, so she understands that she widens her dating pool if she includes shorter men.

6 Reasons to Date a Short Guy

One thing that got her out there was when she wed Deryck Whibley a couple of years back. But I adored my short stuff.

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Nicole Kidman is 5' The pics released from their wedding day were just splendid. They really do look completely different, and not compatible in the slightest. Whenever a man doesn't measure up, he tries harder to impress and woo a woman.

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Well, Christina is of the same height.