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Disrupting their safe zone with a surprise cucumber can cause your cat great stress, and just isn't worth the laugh. Reddit user admancb discovered that cats find circles, of any kind, irresistible to sit in: Anything placed behind an unsuspecting cat is likely to trigger their startle response.

Cucumbers might remind cats of snakes, or they might remind them of other similar predators. Somehow, while watching videos of toddlers tasting lemons for the first time, I landed on pet videos.

Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers?

There is also the added danger of your cat hurting himself when he tries to leap away from the cucumber, or breaking something nearby. Even the laziest, most somnolent cat is on the alert at all times.

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The point of doing so is revealed when the cat turns, notices the cucumber, and then apparently decides to defy gravity: I just thought it would be a harmless prank, but it was not. Additionally, as mentioned above, many cat owners were staging these videos during feeding time, so their hapless cats would turn around after dinner and find the offending cucumber.

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Naturally, I clicked on the video out of sheer curiosity. Cuteness Share on Facebook A while back, people on the internet discovered that cats seem to be afraid of cucumbers.

Cats can get scared by all sorts of things. He was paranoid for almost a week after this, walking slowly and prowling around the kitchen. Cat Reacting To Cucumber. But what, really, is the explanation behind these cats' apparent fear of this harmless vegetable?

Scaring a cat with a cucumber is not a decent thing to do.