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Text Cassidy George 8August An essential part of learning history is questioning it, asking what has become part of our cultural memory and what might have been left out. After arriving, Knight created a big poster with an image of the band taken by legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen in front of Buckingham Palace with the slogan: Not everyone could copy that.

With no management, no record deal, and no access to their recorded output, the band felt the flames of Pure Hell die out. Stinker Kenny Gordon almost landed in my lap when he did a backflip off the stage. After a second European tour inthe band suffered a fall-out with Knight.

It was a while before we realised we were getting snubbed. I checked in with Kenny Gordon and he confirmed it was the only source for the two songs.

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This server-grade filtering software delivers optimal performance and keeps all network intrusions out. We were not having it. If the album had come out when they made it, that would have been a game changer.

Pure Hell remained in Europe without any of the rights, or access, to their recordings, which Kathy Knight salvaged after her husband attempted to destroy them. Everything we liked had nothing to do with dance music.

Fortunately, we played and blew them away. When it comes to the history of punk music, there are few bands who have been as overlooked as Pure Hell.

Parker-Lawton met drummer Michael Sanders on Sunset Boulevard in the 80s, and counted him as a friend during their overlapping years in LA. Pure Hell was soon invited to perform for the Dolls in their loft.

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