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John Murphy[ edit ] Richard Harmon portrays the role of Murphy.

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He does sound like he'd be a great match for Raven, right? Genevieve Buechner as Fox seasons 1—2: Bellamy Blake[ edit ] Bob Morley portrays the role of Bellamy.

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Portrayed by Isaiah WashingtonThelonious Jaha, commonly referred to as "Jaha" seasons 1—5 [5] is Wells' father and the former Chancellor of apprentice candidates dating games Ark.

She is among the 47 held in Mount Weather.

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He, along with Jaha, were friends with Jake Griffin and his family, but his friendship with them did not last after Jake's execution and Clarke's subsequent arrest.

He eventually comes to the realization the bunker was a decoy and the real one is in Polis, the Grounder capital, so he decides to recruit Gaia on what she knows about the symbol on the token and eventually learns it is a key to open the bunker.

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It is intensified when she discovers Clarke knew about the bombing of Tondc, did nothing about it, and allowed all those Grounders to die after the events of Mount Weather even telling Indra that she will not leave behind Bellamy and her friends.

He murders eighteen unarmed Grounders who he believed had taken Clarke hostage, and was willingly going to leave several fellow Arkers for dead in favor of continuing his search for her.

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As a result of her suicide, he is banished from the camp. The pair develop a romantic relationship, and Lincoln helps the multiple times, causing him to be viewed as a traitor to his people.

Kendall Cross as Major Byrne season 2: Ontari takes a liking to him and wants him to sleep with her; if he refuses, she will kill him.

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It's been a few years since the Hundred landed on the Ground, but now there's a new ship of prisoners docking down.

Ahead of Season 5, Tasya Teles was promoted to series regular. He later reunites with Emori who is under A. She and her team steal and launch the Exodus ship to Earth, Diana painting herself as a voice of the "lower classes" who would otherwise not be given the chance to return to Earth as the Ark's resources are depleted.

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