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Can bipolar disorder ruin relationships dating, ruining the best relationships

In closing, can a person with bipolar disorder have successful relationships? If you both are still interested, then get married and commit to forever before you try any thing more It can break up a relationship as you can really talk yourself into something that has been over analyzed and then you start believing something that just isn't there.

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It is a serious mental disorder. I was totally platonic bestfriends for 3yrs with my now husband of 4. Maybe you want to make your sweetie feel secure. The breaking point may come, however, when the spouse with bipolar disorder begins engaging in behaviors such as sexual promiscuity, gambling, or substance abuse, that are unacceptable to the nonbipolar spouse, even though he is aware it is part of the illness.

Mania can be either a feeling of unrealistic well-being euphoria or extreme irritibility. A second problem arises from the behaviors themselves.

First - get a good psychiatrist and take your medication every single day!

Do Bipolars have a tendency to constantly abandon relationships and then return?

So to those with bipolar who are entering the dating scene, she advises, "since bipolar people can be impulsive, you might want to prepare yourself for taking your time. Know what their triggers are and recognize the mood changes. Your doctor can prescribe mood stabilizing medicationssuch as Lithiumwith antidepressants to help control your symptoms.

I have been with the same man for almost two rocky years now.

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You may be required to give more and expect less to the relationship which over time can prove to be exhausting and unsatisfactory.

In such a situation the first thing you need to do is gather as much information about the illness as you can. Tuesday, February 3 Natasha Tracy Dating with bipolar disorder can be tricky for so many reasons.