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A visit from their rather unconstructive new neighbour F'Resnel tells them that the building is nicknamed Maison de Sang - in English, House of Blood.

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However, she's said if she had to consider one place "home," it would be the rural city of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Booking roles in such popular movies as "21 Jump Street" and "Pitch Perfect," her resume continued to expand the following year with credits in films such as "Hell Baby" and "G. Having never tasted a drop of alcohol in her life, kissed a boy, gone to school or owned a pair of shoes, Daisy also sees her life turn into an adventure as she seemingly becomes the only one who can change this man's stony heart and force him to love her.

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Barefoot Trailer Jay's lived a less than honest life, sleeping around with women he could never care about, fritting away money he doesn't have in casinos and at races and drinking away his problems every night at seedy bars.

In fact, she's spend most of her life traveling throughout the country, residing in such locations as Nevada, Texas, and Miami.

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Little do they know of the house's history and just why it hasn't been inhabited for so many years, but they are about to find it. After playing just two minor television roles prior tothat year would be the one that blew up in terms of Brittney's presence on the big screen.

Hell Baby Trailer Vanessa and Jack are a loved up couple expecting their first child, with dreams of fixing up a dilapidated old house in New Orleans neighbourhood. Meanwhile, two exorcists from the Vatican are called to the house to do their own research into the demonic presence.

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As far as how Brittney's career as an actress got it's start, it likely wouldn't have taken off without the work she did in modeling first. Brittney Marie Alger was born in Westlake, Ohio on October 25,but she would hardly consider that her home.

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However, when he meets Daisy, a mentally unstable but harmless young girl who has lived virtually her whole life indoors sheltered from the harms the real world can bring, his life begins to change and he endeavours to take her along to his wealthy parents' house on the weekend of his brother's wedding to prove to them that he can change his ways.

View all Brittney Alger pictures Description: Although she wound up being beaten in the competition by model Dominique Storelli that year, placing in the competition at all was more than enough to gain her the recognition she needed to get an agent and begin booking both commercial and television roles to get her acting career on the right track.

Strange things begin to happen to the couple, with Vanessa displaying some extremely odd and disturbing behaviour leaving Jack with no choice but to call upon her psychiatrist and her sister Marjorie to help him find out what appears to be possessing her.

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