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Even if you have developed a comfort zone with the person, make sure you are on your own guard. For some more information on risks associated with online dating, read on.

This would protect your privacy. Worse can be the case when they steal your identity and begin stalking you in real life. Many men and women run scams on the net.

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However, very few people realize that there are a number of probable risks linked with this activity. Make sure you arrange for your pick and drop on your own. Some people even ask you for your e-mail at once.

They deliberately communicate with members of the opposite sex and once the other person falls for them, they start asking for money.

You can socialize with people across the globe, relaxing in the cozy environment of your house, with internet dating. If the two of you have agreed to meet each other, make sure that the first meeting is in a public place, which is full of people.

It has become one of the most convenient ways of meeting people and interacting with them. Age, sex and marital status are some of the most manipulated pieces of information.

Usually people with alternate mode of interest are the ones who would take the first initiative, every time they see you online.

Do not give in your full name.