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Not over your career. The warden tells Franchise that if he can lead Milltown to a win against the rival Super Max Facility in their annual football game without getting injuredthen he will be released early.

Score three TD's in a single quarter in Campaign Mode.

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After defeating Super Max, Franchise returns to play for the player-created team preparing for their season in Division 2. Press A, X, A, X. Win a game against the computer in every Bonus Mode. After the win, it is revealed that the Minnesota Reapers have been in a boat crash and have decided to fold.

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Ranked Match The Clap 10 points: Magic Hands 10 points: After the player-created team defeats the L. Play someone with the Clap in online play and you get the Clap.

Blitz: The League II Achievements and Gamerscores for X360

Each answer gives higher attributes early on in the campaign. Win 5 games in a row online with any teams.

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Once the screen comes up, push the pause button around every half second while aiming towards the center. Real Deal 15 points: