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You also had a bunch of artists living around where you grew up as well.

Gigi Hadid by Bjorn Iooss for Harper's Bazaar US October 2016

That aesthetic for me—that energy and mood that you get in those pictures being out in those amazing locations—is something I try to translate into all of my work.

My room was adjacent to his, so I climbed over the railing of our balconies and came into his room through the sliding doors. I want to know all the weird shit.

Here, he shares his visual diary — a collection of some of the images from his travels and his past. And those two worlds constantly cross-pollinate.

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We were in Israel, and we must of had a bit of a late night—or, he was over worked—because he was passed out and not answering the door and we had to travel that day to the Dead Sea. Bjorn Iooss has shaped his career with his striking portraits.

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Both of our dads were photographers, so we both had houses full of cameras and film. You said that you and your dad always travelled and took photos. And your dad was doing what?

I like to keep things moving.

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First question, do you have a favorite pair of underpants? Would those kinds of guys ever come over to hang out?

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But if you follow your heart and make the pictures you care about, eventually you find your own voice and become your own artist. When you do this for so long, you know how you like things to look, so it is sort of inevitable. I packed his bags for him and dragged us both onto the bus.

That is the value in assisting or apprenticing for other people—learning and experiencing other ways of creating and being adaptable to situations.

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