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So, as we considered the display of the due date pills, we started experimenting with a quick-edit UI. As you place the cursor on a map panel, the program tells you just which Custom Map you are on.


This element was surprisingly tough to get right. Similarly, this project started with a solid UI concept, but required careful work to make sure the experience was just right. We really liked the filtering on the right side of the lists and it stuck around for quite awhile.

Waypoints can be imported from. It made it easy to see which filter was selected and what other ranges were available. Re-purposing our bubble as a date picker that opens when you click into the due date field saves development time and offers a consistent experience. This approach might have been really fast and convenient in some cases, like pushing back a to-do to another date.

Basecamp To-dos with Due Dates Exploring due dates associated with To-do lists in Basecamp By Jason Zimdars, designer at 37signals One of the top requests from Basecamp customers is to assign due dates to to-dos.

Previously the party assigned to the to-do was bold and left of the item making it stand out more than the to-do, itself.

We liked these solutions when looking at mock-ups, but once inside the app, they felt over-designed. It needed to fit in the visual heirarchy between the page title and the title of the to-do list, prominent without over-powering either.

Opening individual tracks should eventually show 'Points' and 'Path'.

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Also available in the bottom panel is the profile of the track. Once installed, one can view any waypoint or track in any List in Google Earth Click on thumbnails for larger views We wanted to share some the behind-the-scenes design process.

Geotag Photos A mini map of the main map if selected. Free-hand draw your own track, handy for trip planning Select:: When you select a smart folder, only the "relevant" data is displayed.