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Thousands of devotees which have found it difficult to liberate themselves from the octopi an clutches of alcohol reach the temple on the first Friday. Read More Mullakkal Devi Temple Situated in the heart of the busy Alleppey town,know popularly as the Venice of Kerala, Mullakkal Devi Temple is a unique temple with no roof over the sanctum sanctorum and the diety is exposed to sun and rain.

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This is a sphere where the human brain has limitations. After all, nature is one with the Goddess and whatever we receive is Her boon.

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One visiting the temple with heavy heart always return redressed and smiling. Even present dayThe Thiyya thandans A administrative position of 64 tharas meet at Nilapaduthara at Kodungaloor in the presence of kodungallur raja.

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The Srikovil is facing north. Finally the flames subside.

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In days of yore, Chottanikarai region was a dark dense forest. They always set apart a part of their food as an offering to their goddess. We accept cancellations within 12 hours from the time of placing an order, before the product enters the manufacturing phase.

How many families loose the foundation and are upturned due to such bad habits, especially of male members. The temple is situated in the middle of a plot of land about ten acres, surrounded by banyan and peepal trees.

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