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One way to tell how unique Pavement sounded, and how delicate their compositional balance was besides, like, listeningis to note their astounding ratio of admirers to imitators.

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And with titles like "Spizzle Trunk" and "Internal K-Dart," they have to be so good, it's incredible! The punk attitude applied to indie pop. Following the release of Crooked Rain, Pavement recorded sporadically during ; Malkmus and Nastanovich also contributed to Starlite Walker, the full-length debut by the Silver Jews, which was led by their college friend David Berman.

This includes terrestrial, satellite, college and internet radio.

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View the Gallery In a sense, Pavement was the ideal mixtape band: It shows a wee bit of promise, and some of the noises are kinda neat, but the only one that really alerts you to the possibility of something wonderful happening in the next couple of years is "Box Elder," a heavenly low-fidelity pop hit that impressed British band The Wedding Present so much, they stole it!

We also hit all the internet networks such as AOL, Yahoo and many more. This is underground stuff, but already they're proving that they are creative lords of chord progression.

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The team we now have working with us is incredible. The last two songs are from comps, and they're okay. Their revampment resulted in a near-hit with "Cut Your Hair," but the mainstream decided Pavement were too strange for their tastes and the band decided it preferred the underground, leaving the group as one of the most popular -- and the most influential -- American indie rock bands of the '90s.