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Duflo in this area—the sheer detail and warm sympathy on display reflects a true appreciation of the challenges their subjects face… They have fought to establish a beachhead of honesty and rigor about evidence, evaluation and complexity in an aid world that would prefer to stick to glossy brochures and celebrity photo-ops.

Although he was critical of the authors' conclusions in those chapters, he generally praised their overall approach: Is she hungry for more fame?

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I favour much of their general approach. Or take the question of whether poor Africans really value mosquito nets they are given free.

Abhijit Banerjee

I'm also in favour of "relying on evidence", and of being judicious, even cautious, with big ideas. Well, now meet the randomistas. I really hope they never ever even come close to any other prizes. Want poor families in north India to immunise their children?

Also how stupid of ED to say that she is finds it enjoyable to hear the stories of people who live on 99c - that is plain arrogant and pathetic and people are calling her modest??? For this they deserve to be congratulated—and to be read. I was fascinated and convinced. Duflo and Banerjee tell these stories in a lovely new book called Poor Economics.

It is time now for this profession to become more democratic. So, my question is, why AB and DC were in this fiecking committee to begin with?

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Looks like the Kim Kardashian trick to me - who asked her about how long she has been living with him? What you choose to do in your private life is nobody's business but you simply cannot take the entire profession for a ride - we are not morons to sit and watch rules and ethics being violated.

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Who selects the candidates?