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Backdating notarized documents california, (appointments subject to availability of notary)

Authentication Certificate (Apostille)

A Mobile Notary Public can authenticate or certify documents for use in foreign countries. Postal Service regular mail at no charge. Allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing. Once you are issued an amended commission that reflects your new name, seeing dating will need to fax us a copy of the new commission with a letter requesting us to issue you an amendment to your bond.

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The role of a notary public, generally referred to as "notary," is to ensure that the person signing a document is who he claims to be, is in his right mind, understands the contents of the document and that no undue pressure is present to sign it.

We must receive the original authorization letter before we can ship you your stamp. As a traveling notary, I sometimes brought witnesses with me, just my properly identified friends, to witness document signings. The notary stamp has no affect on the validity of the document.

The disciplinary guidelines are available on the Secretary of State's website or can be mailed to you upon request by that office. Is it illegal for a notary public to fill out an all purpose acknowledgement? Is a notary legally binding? Your attorney will have the trust instrument notarized at the time of the signing.

You will feel pressured to do it to keep the client happy.

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