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He asks if she is still atand Mari corrects him by stating that she was previously atand was now at He only said that because he was drunk!

Are Mari And Wes Dating

She shows off her bedroom the room with the large glass window on the top floor and her balcony. And ah Beer taste so good! Sohinki agrees cheerfully, his only confusion coming from Anthony at first calling him a girl.

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Lasercorn decides that he wants to explore it, however, and jumps into the water below him. Watch Sohinki flip out at the end, it's great! In this video I'm teaching Mari to play some League of Legends!!!! Smosh Games Smosh Games 4 years ago In honor of Father's Day, we invited our dads into the studio for a no holds bar grudge match.

If you're already a fan of MariCorn, Well this is something for y'all! A Mari and Lasercorn Fanfiction by ymc with 2, reads. Lasercorn finds an ink sac in his inventory and asks Mari if she "wants [his] sack", to which she is slightly disgusted, but, knowing what ink sacs can be used for in Minecraft, decides "maybe later, if [she] want[s] to dye stuff".