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Angela has lost her wings, and she rejoices when she sees Andre. Andre is disgusted by what Angela is doing, and protests with her.

Upon realising that he needs more money, Angela agrees to help him, and the two go to a nightclub.

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When the frame unfreezes, Andre is slapped to the ground, and three thugs demand he pay back the money he owes. Angela convinces Andre to confront Franck, and be honest with him instead of lying.

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Andre pleads with her to stay, professing his love for her. Andre is fascinated, and tries to learn as much as he can about Angela. Plot[ edit ] A freeze frame shows Andre Jamel Debbouzewho describes himself via a voice over, stating that he lives in America though is currently in Paris.

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Later, the two of them go to another club to pay off his remaining debt. Andre eventually accepts the money, though is reluctant to do so, believing that Angela slept with Franck to get it.

An emotional Angela tries to reason with Andre, stating they cannot be together. Angela advises him against it, but Andre bets all their money on the horse, which comes last.

Angela, who is emotionally moved by Andre's speech, leaves.