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Edit Brick is a nerdy-looking short, broad guy in his forties, with dark hair in a side-part, and s-style glasses and clothing.

Although at the time of the first film, Brick's clothing and glasses were in fashion when the film was set.

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Personality Edit Brick Tamland is a simple-minded, kind person, who occasionally has fits of rage, like when he speared someone with a trident in the first movie.

Doctors claim that Brick has an I. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.

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He is a loveable character. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I. He instantly falls in love with her and they marry during the final scene of the movie.

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A superfluity of celebrity cameos in the second half signals a loss of creative confidence, with the street fight of the original expanded into a spot-the-star spectacular in which even Sacha Baron Cohen manages to be dull.

Share via Email Woody Allen once joked that his wife had divorced him on the grounds of "insufficient laughter", and on that same basis I find myself duly estranged from Ron Burgundy.

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If you're an Anchorman fan you'll know that this sequel's evolution has been tortuous, with Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay very publicly butting heads with Paramount after the studio claimed: He soon meets an equally strange woman who also works for GNN, named Chani.

He is socially awkward and has few friends, but his coworkers include him in their adventures.

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