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So why not the Pepe Rule — after the man whose behaviour on Saturday should lead to its introduction? More likely he has just got cleverer at covering it up. Later, after the trophy had been lifted, Pepe swanned around San Siro with a selfie stick and his tongue poked out in celebration.

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Clearly there is a balance to be struck between maintaining the flow of the game and making the right decision. At least Vinnie Jones waited until his playing career was over to turn to acting.

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So praise the referees who punish simulation. Yet still there was no sanction. It is a familiar story.

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And, because we know they need so help when the game rushes past so quickly, give them some back up by allowing the fourth official to alert them when the video evidence so obviously show cases of diving, feigning injury or hidden fouls. Again Pepe clutched his face as if an arrow had split his nostrils.

Next, give officials a push and a helping hand.

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More than 50, retweets and likes later, and following yet more devious behaviour by the Real Madrid defender, Lineker clarified his position. It took until extra-time for the Real Madrid central defender to finally be booked.

But there was no yellow card despite the double simulation.

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And while the most obvious alternative - retrospective punishments - has its merits, the Champions League final showed up a major flaw.