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She hopes Mom will run and run. With this, I can see my friends and have a life. It is a steady job, which is unusual for an actress.

I admire her for being able to say whatever she thinks and not be apologetic about it all. Her role as the no-nonsense White House press secretary, CJ Clegg, in The West Wing from to transformed Allison into a global star and she won many prestigious awards along the way including four Emmys.

He committed suicide and shortly after his death, she admitted it was the most traumatic moment of her life. Dressed casually but still oozing plenty of elegance, Allison reveals she is jet lagged from flying over to Britain from her home in LA.

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I had issues turning 50 myself. It is what I am and I try to love who I am. West Wing was of its time. Here she opens up to Christine Smith.

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It is the greatest validation of your work. I love doing movies but a lot of the time you are living in hotels. I have done a lot and would like to do more. I am getting to an age now where I like the routine. You do have to be thick-skinned for the work we do. I love being able to hide behind a role.

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You start wondering what is going to happen. I am actually a little too sensitive and thin-skinned.