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Italy Spain Also known as: Nights Joan suffers from terrible dreams, and in the afternoon it pursues the man of nightmares.

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The violence is surprisingly minimalas well, making the occasional outbursts all the more shocking. Nevertheless, this one should mostcertainly please fans of this kind of thing.

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Because she really is and there will never be enough gialli or sex comedies with her in them. Also, Edwige Fenech proves that she actuallycan act, giving a tremendous performance of a sexually frustratedhousewife who may or may not be going insane.

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All the Colors of the Dark is packed with memorable, haunting sequences and is a very unique entry in the giallo genre. The latter had a very solid plot not a typical giallo featbut it is extravagant style and atmosphere that I look for in giallos, not plot. Also, director Sergio Martino, while not a great stylist,knows how to build tension in some sequences.

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Cracks into my top 5 gialli with ease. New neighbor promises to help and leads a woman into a sect, cultivating magical bloody rituals and back a sin. Easily the most overtly gothic gialli I've ever seen, combining the usual half-remembered murders and psychoanalysis with satanic cults, demonic orgies, and mysterious branding in a vibrant 70s London.

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Sure,its dumb and not always compelling, but the fact that they tried is aplus.