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Why there is synonyms? What is the meaning of accommodate? Hotels are also another option for accommodations.

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It means somewhere to stay for the night or something like that Accomadation can be simply define as the ability of human eyes to focus far and near objects in the retina. The act or practice of each side giving up something on order to reach an agreement Are there accommodations in Paris?

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Accommodation is a room or group of rooms or it can be a housewhich someone may live or stay. It is therefore best to think of an accommodation road as pre-existing any rights the public have acquired to use it, and such public rights having been acquired by members of the public other than the people that benefit from the private right, so if the public rights cease, the private rights continue.

It is somewhere where you stay on holiday, cottage accommodation, hotel accommodation and room accommodation etc.

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In special education programs, accommodations on a child's IEP help her learn more effectively. To make suitable; adjust 5.

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The word accommodate means to help, assist, or provide housing orlodging for someone. To contain comfortably; have space for.

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What does accommodate mean? To do a favor or service for; oblige. I am not happy right now versus I am unhappy.