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Accommodating conflict management technique is often used by new managers, conflict management techniques

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Theorists are of the opinion that a conflict-free, harmonious, and cooperative organization tends to become stagnant and nonreponsive to market change and advancement. An individual firmly pursues his or her own concerns despite the resistance of the other person.

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It is based on the premise that the level of organizational conflict is influenced by the negative emotions pervasive throughout the business world. Collaborating is a proper technique when the agreement and relationship of the parties is important. There was an error submitting your subscription.

When a consensus is required.

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Conflict is not Unidimensional: The five main conflict management techniques are called competing, compromising, collaborating, smoothing and withdrawing. Therefore it is important to keep the right balance and this requires some skill.

When there is a heated argument among parties and you want to give them some cooling time.

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If interpersonal skills are not your strength, you may find this technique very challenging. You need a quick solution.

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