Ravelry: Broken lines pattern by ANKESTRiCK Ravelry: Broken lines pattern by ANKESTRiCK

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The best scenario is if the CB lands exactly at the same time it hits the 1-ball. An advantage of a cut break is that the CB can come off the side rail into the stationay 9, possibly resulting in a "golden break" pocketing the 9 on the break. There will be a shot clock on all shots on the TV table Timeouts: And one should not use a break angle and distance that makes the CB hop higher onto the 1 ball causing the CB to hop even higher.

However, the hop is really not a good thing Mezz SP with Alpha shaft Break: Will the CB have more speed into the rack if it is airborne on the way to the rack?

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The idea is to learn to aim the break shot as accurately as any other shot so you can consistently hit the head ball dead square, getting maximum power transfer into the rack and planting the cue ball in the middle of the table.

The referee will rack at the TV Table.

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If so, his opponent will then have the choice to either play the shot, or hand it back. An alternative to hitting the lead ball on the break is hitting the 2nd-ball or 3rd-ball squarely instead by breaking from the side rail. A good technique for this is to place the CB close to the side rail on the head string, and hit the 2nd ball in the rack squarely.

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Besides making sure the rack is tight, you MUST exaggerate your follow-through.