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In a way these transformations remind me of Asian versions of Hellraiser Cenobites who are also engineered with these features. Movies used to be a cheap date, but not anymore. But you want to make sure you're not using the movies to avoid having conversations.

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I want to say to these people, what is it you're escaping? You can sit in the dark, where for a little while, anyway you don't have to worry about whether you have spinach in your teeth.

A mad scientist known as Key Man has created a rampaging virus that mutates unsuspecting humans into nightmarish abominations of nature, and in order to dispose of these repulsive monstrosities, the Tokyo police have created a special squad of fearless freak fighters.

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Though short and sweet it still is a pretty fantastic little piece. Sit back, share your popcorn, and relax. It's also a good idea to find out her political and social views before you take her to see a documentary bent on destroying a particular political party or party candidate.

Things go wrong on dates — the movie can stink a common issuethe projector can break uncommonsomeone can lose a filling on a Hershey's Skor rare — but a good attitude can usually salvage the night. Bear these things in mind, and you may just be able to write your own love story.

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Though the kiss leads to a skull splitting encounter for the purpose of placing an engineer key inside. This can shoot down any date, not just the movie variety.

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Even the odd looking man seems to be able to find love while this man waits in the bushes. For some reason, my date tried to drag me to the very front row, where you have to sit looking straight up at the screen the whole time.

Those with excessive violence.

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Loving couples who have been together for a long time can argue over which movie to see, but not you. You may bore her to death or make her think you're uncaring or self-centered for choosing a film that is so specific in its content that it has nothing to do with her interests.

Failing to adapt when the situation calls for it.