YUM Pumpkin Head Fishing Jig YUM Pumpkin Head Fishing Jig

3/8 oz hookup lead head jig sizes, video title

We process orders manually, preferring to have a human actually check things over and contact you should there be questions.

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Then it can elicit bite under super tough condition. Just what you need to build perfect poppers and bugs. The best way to add color and scent to your lures.

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Tackle Done Right We have your fishing tackle. Fish do not get tired of it.

Do-IT wire forms, wire shafts, brass eyes, coil forms, keeper forms, coil wire, and jig spinners. Melting pots, ladles, flux, release spray, and other molding gear and accessories. Big merit of this lure is you can retrieve the same depth from landing spot to your position.

Keeps your drinks warm or cold in style with our fishing-themed koozies and mugs.

BOOYAH 3/8 oz. Swim'n Jig

Winding checks and hook keepers from Fuji and Pacific Bay. Over two dozen different styles of thread, tinsel, wire, and floss. Pliers, scales, tape measures, hook extractors, stringers, filet knives, rod holders, and more.

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In that case, very lively and undetectable lure is needed. Trailer worm The shape of trailer worm is not complicated, so it does not spoil the action of jig.

Painted and unpainted spinner baits heads, buzz bait heads, jig heads, spoons, and weighted fishing hooks. The things are gorgeous.