14 celeb couples that like open relationships dating, legal ownership

But it's a situation I find very healthy. According to reports, T-Pain is allowed to bring whatever woman he wants into the bedroom. She claims that Manson was having an affair with a year-old actress. Parton even went as far to say that she'd hurt her husband if he slept with another woman, and that he would do the same to her.

18 Celebrity Couples You Didn't Know Were In Open-Relationships

He said he didn't try to do any convincing, and if you have to convince your girlfriend to do something like this, you're going about it the wrong way. They have two kids together, Willow and Jaden, who will either take Hollywood by storm or end up looking like MacCauley Culkin in a few years time.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Apparently, before they got married and had a baby, neither of them wanted to be tied down. We don't want heterosexuals to judge us based on our sexuality, so These rumors were fueled by Jada Pinkett Smith dancing around the question when asked about whether or not she was in an open relationship.

They were always an absolute power couple, both publicly and in the family zone. He clearly has a type. Why not just be single?

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Jung Hye Young and Sean. If true, Posh Spice should get to have a little fun of her own. The romance was short-lived.

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Jada, however, has a different opinion. Manson still speaks fondly of his relationship with Von Teese, saying that it was his longest relationship. An article they released back in features Jason Sudeikis sitting down and discussing his partnership with Olivia Wilde to Stephen Colbert.

Jay-Z is said to have carried on with many a woman in showbiz, including a fling with Rihanna.